AfterSchool KidzLibrary, Grade 3, On-level Fiction, Set A2

Give children access to authentic children's literature with this set of 15 on-grade-level fiction titles that can be used to round out your library, support independent reading time, and help kids develop a love of reading. Two sets (A1 and A2) are available for purchase.
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The Araboolies of Liberty StreetSam Swope
Babymouse: Queen of the WorldJennifer Holm
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead EaglesDonald J. Sobol
Freedom’s WingsSharon Dennis Wyeth
George’s Marvelous MedicineRoald Dahl
The Gold-Threaded DressCarolyn Marsden
If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your HandKalli Dakos
Judy Moody Gets Famous!Megan McDonald
The Little ShipsLouise Borden
Max Malone Makes a MillionCharlotte Herman
The Newsy News NewsletterKaren English
The Nose from JupiterRichard Scrimger
Seven Kisses in a Row Patricia MacLachlan
Song Lee in Room 2BSuzy Kline
Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow Dan Greenburg
AfterSchool KidzLibrary, Grade 3, On-level Fiction, Set A2 ASL2-F3-OL-SA2 $78.00