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Lesson plans for Being a Writer

My school just adopted this writing series and I was wondering if there's an organized list or template for daily lesson plans that is easy to follow step by step; i.e.- like a daily planner that the Trophies reading series uses. I need something that is easy to read, that's already created, that shows you step by step, what you need to do that day, or each lesson. So far, the teacher's manual reads like a book and I have to highlight everything that I need to know in order to teach the lesson. The procedures aren't cut and dry; you have to find everything yourself in order to type out your lesson plans for administration. Please help!!!! 

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We don’t have a specific template for planning a Being a Writer lesson, however we suggest you do the following when planning for BAW instruction:

1. Begin by skimming the unit starting with the unit overview (the unit overviews might be helpful when typing out your plans to share with your administrator--depending upon the detail that needs to be included).

2. Then, read the week’s lessons carefully and note:

·      the writing and social focus in each lesson

·      the literature selections used in the week

·      any Do Ahead activities

·      the materials that will be needed

·      the questions you will ask in the lesson

·      any Teacher Notes

3. Finally, use self-stick notes to write notes to yourself as you plan the lessons.  Mark any stopping points in the read aloud books and note any questions you will ask at those points.

Finally, you can also find some very useful tools for planning your instruction in Peter Brunn’s The Lesson Planning Handbook. Peter’s book offers us a way to plan and facilitate lessons that are rich with student thinking and interaction. The valuable tips he shares help us be a little more intentional with instruction by visualizing how lessons might unfold. It may be a helpful resource for you—he does include some guidance about the structure of a lesson and the steps to undertake when planning.

Good luck and let us know how else we can help!


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Are there lesson plans uploaded......plans are very detailed, but take too much time away...

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Can you please clarify what lesson plans you are looking for?

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Do you have any examples of a lesson plan template with the lessons? Thanks so much!