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Words in Action: Loved from Minnesota to Massachusetts to Washington, DC

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Can I have a drum roll, please?

We begin with Whole Curriculum Programs. This category encompasses any product used as basal curriculum for student instruction in a particular subject—regardless of the medium or format. Unlike the Supplemental Resources category, this category focuses on core instructional content. And the winner of the Whole Curriculum Program Reading and Language Arts is Words in Action!

These were the words read aloud by the Association of Educational Publishers to present DSC with the Distinguished Achievement award for our Words in Action program. What an accomplishment! As a colleague of mine said, It’s a tremendous honor for DSC and a very public affirmation of the great work we do here. When you consider the high caliber of the competing programs—and the size of the publishers behind them—you recognize what a mighty little organization we’ve become. For more public affirmation of Words in Action, read the words of teachers below about their experiences using the program in their classrooms.

From a first-grade teacher in Minnesota:

I have NEVER had a class so excited about learning new vocabulary. Just last night one of my girls was hosting a swimming pool/birthday party and I stopped by for a visit toward the end. The seven little girls (I teach first grade) were so excited to tell me about all the words they discussed during the party…. They informed me that their swimsuits were colorful and the cake was tasty (from lesson/week 16). They also munched on some pizza and lunged into the pool (from lesson/week 17).

From a third-grade teacher in Massachusetts:

My students love our new vocabulary program! One day our word was cantankerous. The kids were in the cafeteria and they came back very subdued. I asked them what was wrong—what had happened during lunch to make them so quiet. They looked at me and said that Mrs. White, our principal, was cantankerous today!

If you’d like to see Words in Action’s sister program for Making Meaning users live in a classroom, check out this video clip.

Words in Action Classroom Package, Grade 2

Isabel Sawyer, PhD, is a Regional Director at Center for the Collaborative Classroom. She presents keynotes, workshops, presentations, and professional development for teachers, literacy coaches, and administrators across the country. Previously Isabel worked as a lead instructional coach for Albemarle County Public Schools and as an instructional coordinator for an inner-city school in Charlottesville, Virginia. Isabel holds her PhD from the University of Virginia and serves as an adjunct instructor in UVA's Curry School of Education. She has presented at local, state, and national conferences and worked with schools across the country as an independent consultant. 


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